12 Haircuts I Always Recommend in The Living Room To my Clients With more Than 40 Years

The hair is one of the most important feature on our bodies. It is among the first things a person notices when meeting you, which is why everyone is trying to make it as nicely looking as possible. However, as we age, the hair undergoes big changes. It starts falling out, loses the color and volume, becoming less pleasant in general. As the hair changes, it can add 5 or more years to our appearance, which is not exactly something to look forward to. However, there’s a way of avoiding it – some shortcuts suit you better over age, which is why you should pick the right one. Don’t worry, you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on hair magazines – we have a few haircuts which will suit you best according to your age.

The best haircuts for women over 40

Uneven cut

Uneven cuts will look great for you and are among the most popular haircuts nowadays.

Pixie cut

The pixie cut is innocent and gentle, and fits almost all types of faces.

Gradual bob

The gradual bob can last for a long time and will look great.

Long bangs

This haircut requires a lot of experience, but will give you an elegant appearance.

Short bangs

This cut can draw a lot of attention

Layered cut

If you have low hair volume, this cut will suit you best.

Cascade cut

This is a timeless haircut which will significantly improve your appearance.

Hollywood style

The Hollywood style haircut will make you look like a diva, and is common among many Hollywood stars.


Curls are great for many reasons, mostly because they can break the age barrier.

Neglected hair

A neglected hairstyle will give a fresh tone to your image.

Gray hair

Gray hair suits people who are aware of their age best. This hairstyle is quite popular these days and can make you look very feminine.

Short hair

If you’re looking to change your appearance drastically, look no further than short hair. It suits people of all ages and looks great.

As you can see, these hairstyles suit people of all ages, although they are recommended for women over 40. They will make you look younger and hide the signs of the aging process, so you no longer have an excuse for not showing your true face to the world. Pick one and make a change and you will be amazed by the results!

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