11 Foods That Will Bring You Good Luck and MONEY This Coming 2017

It’s very common for many cultures to practice different customs and beliefs which should supposedly bring them good fortune in the new year. For some cultures, eating specific foods on New Year’s Eve is a way of summoning good luck for the next year. These people believe that some foods can brighten their future which is why they continue the tradition.

Here are 11 popular dishes that will bring you good luck in 2017:


Eat 12 grapes in a day, one per hour to invite fortune and sweetness in the new year. This practice was started in 1909 when grape growers needed to cut down on the excess grapes.


Round fruits in general symbolize coins and fortune in the new year.


Having black eyed peas as a part of your New Year’s Eve dinner can bring you good fortune. Green lentils can help as well – they represent money due to the green color and round shape.

Green vegetables

Spinach, collards, cabbage, kale and broccoli represent money, so eat them more, especially on New Year’s Eve.


Pick pork over chicken or beef on New Year’s Eve as pigs are known to dig with their shout, symbolizing movement and progress.


Fish swim forward which represents progress and their scales symbolize silver. They also swim in schools and lay many eggs, which represents abundance.


Noodles may improve your longevity – the longer they are, then longer you’ll live.


Barley, rice, risotto and other grains represent abundance as they swell when they’re cooked.


Sweets such as St. Basil’s bread are an important part of the Greek New Year tradition. The bread is sweet and baked with a coin in it, symbolizing prosperity and wealth.

Round foods

Round foods represent a full circle in the coming years. Donuts, pancakes, cakes and cookies are all round foods, so eat as many of them as you like.

Corn bread

Corn bread symbolizes gold and is a part of the New Year tradition in the southern parts of the world.


Champagne is a part of the New Year tradition in many cultures. Some say that taking 3 short hops without spilling your drink and then pouring champagne behind you will leave all the bad stuff in the past and grant you prosperity going forward.


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