The human mind is an incredible thing to study. Every person on Earth is completely different, and many people believe that our character or personality are defined by our experiences. Although this is true, we all act the same under specific conditions. The same applies to our intelligence – although we are essentially different, there are some traits which we all have in common. However, some people have habits that differ from the others and have an impact on their personality. Here are 10 habits that distinguish smart people from the rest:

They stay calm

Smart people usually stay calm in stressful situations or quarrels instead of being frustrated. They control their emotions which allows them to find a logical solution to the problem.

They don’t feel superior

Smart people know their value so they aren’t trying to prove anything to anyone – instead, they seek to help others avoid the mistakes they have made.

They admit being mistaken

Intelligent people know when they are wrong and they admit their mistakes.

They are empathetic

Smart people are often empathetic and offer their help to those in need.

They don’t trust everyone

These people don’t trust others easily and always go with their instinct.

They are chaotic

Chaos has been a sign of intelligence in many creative minds – just take a look at some of the many historical geniuses such as Einstein and you’ll see it.

Their words are weapons

Instead of violence, smart people vent through words and profanity.

They are night owls

Smart people prefer to stay late at night for no apparent reason.

They are lazy

Smart people always know what and what not to do, allowing themselves to be lazy when they think it’s appropriate.

Fighting alarms

Smart people often have troubles waking up in the morning, snoozing alarms until there’s nothing left to snooze anymore.

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